1. bbytown:

    excerpt from the comic i did in the Providence Comics Consortium Rhody Islanders Anthology! you can get it HERE!

  2. kevinczap:

    "Chicken Prisoner," 2013

    I was given the character names and location and I came up with this. Originally published in the Providence Comics Consortium’s Rhode Island Anthology, which you can buy here!

  3. comicsworkbook:

    Comics Workbook Magazine #5 is now available from Copacetic Comics here

    This issue features an interview with The Ladydrawers Comic Collective’s Melissa Mendes and Anne Elizabeth Moore by Zach Mason, a review of Takako Shimura’s Wandering Son by Laura Knetzger, a review of Yuichi Yokoyama’s World Map Room by (moonlighting Paris Review editor) Nicole Rudick, a conversation between Mia Schwartz and Ben Urkowitz, and an interview with Walker Mettling of the Providence Comics Consortium by Zach Mason. Our best issue yet. 

    Comics Workbook Magazine is edited by Andrew White and Zach Mason, and designed by Zach Mason. 

    Ooooooh! PCC Interview!

  4. Dispatch from the road: Coyotes in Burbank!

    (Source: walkermettling)

  5. DUDE!

    A sneak peak of Ben Passmore’s assignment from the Olneyville kids Consortium Crew, all about the Warwick Mall! Out soon in PCC Showcase #19 Yeah!


    I’m all about the Warwick Mall, I’ve never been there, shopping makes me feel distress, as does crowds, florescent lighting not in a diner context, and ebullient flip-flop wearing, but I feel like my heart somehow belongs in the Warwick Mall. I dunno where the rest of my body is…

  6. Tarantulina/Screw Job Book Release Party 

    Ada Books 4pm Today!

    Featuring Tarantulina-Inspired Music and Readings by Natalja Kent! Kevin Steinhauser! Elliot Stevens! Jeremy Ferris!

    Donuts for all!

  7. pccadvicecomics:

    Providence Comics Consortium Advice #8

    by Frog (Adam Kelley)

  8. pccadvicecomics:

    Providence Comics Consortium Advice #44

    by Will the Spy (Norah Ryan)

  9. pccadvicecomics:

    Providence Comics Consortium Advice #45

    by Aneudy Alba!

  10. pccadvicecomics:

    Providence Comics Consortium Advice #47

    by Goblin (Marcel Mensah)