1. walkermettling:

    The Providence Phoenix 2014 Foo Fest Cover by Walker Mettling

  2. totallyradparty:

    YOU have 2 more opportunities to come build your paper mache’ monster costumes for the Foo Fest Fake School Bus Parade!

    Come to the AS220 Labs

    (AS220 Mercantile Block, 131 Washington St (Entrance on Lucie Way))

    Tuesday Aug 5th 4pm-8pm
    Wednesday Aug 6th 10am-2pm

    We have stacks of beautiful screen printed newsprint patterns, cardboard, and buckets of paste for your monster building pleasure!


    PS: The free tickets are just for AS220 to get a head count, don’t get scared!

  3. Debuting at RIPExpo: PCC Classic Characters #2: Tarantulina

    With a 21 page comic by 12 year old Mei Tiemeyer, plus comics in Tarantulina’s universe by Caitlin Cali, Paul Lyons, Walker Mettling and a pin-up by Mimi Chrzanowski!

  4. totallyradparty:


    BIG REVEAL of our poster by Leif Goldberg!

    18 days!

    Sweet poster!

    See you there!

  5. eat-more-spiders:

    bit of a tribute to a small comic book program ive been taking for the past 2 weeks. it was really fun and in the end i got to put like 4 little works into an anthology with abour 18 other people. 
    shoutout to the providence comics consortium! and the two cool dudes walker and mimi who ran the whole show. it was a great class.

    their website->http://providencecomicsconsortium.bigcartel.com/



  6. eat-more-spiders:


    art blog—>eat-more-spiders.tumblr.com


  7. thespithouse:


    Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo

    August 2nd and 3rd

    12pm - 6pm both days at the Providence Public Library


    Hooray! I am tabling as a *featured guest* and will also be moderating a rilly cool panel …. SEE U IN AUG, PROVIDENCE <3

    See YOU there!

  8. Can you name all of these Providence Comics Consortium Characters?

    Poster by Julia Gualtieri & Walker Mettling! Yeah! Foo Fest 2014!

  9. bbytown:

    i’m helping walker with comics consortium these 2 weeks so GIF DAZE this week and next will be based off of characters invented by the crazy kids in class!

    this one is slow and painful…

    Here is a classic Mimi gif that’s appropriate for our seatbelt stories this week!

  10. bbytown:

    Three cheers for this - one of the new Providence Comics Consortium books! The people of Tiverton, Rhode Island invented these characters, which I got to draw for the centerfold. Luckily the top drawing printed beautifully on Walker’s Riso, but I also did the bottom drawing as a less dense back-up version that I still really like.


    Zombie singer

    George Washington apple

    Refrigerator that can throw blobs

    Pet monkey in a dress that is really a mushroom

    Ogre whose weakness is chocolate

    UFO made of carrots

    Tiverton! We put your copies in the mail today! Go pick up your copies later this week!