1. pccanimation:

    Yo Everybody!

    The Providence Comics Consortium is starting it’s 2nd annual Animation Camp at Olneyville Library tomorrow!

    We will try to put up our videos at  PCCANIMATION.tumblr.com !


  2. MATH WARRIORS #1 Now Available HERE!!!

    Math Warriors is our first ‘superteam’ comic. 
    Imagine the xmen if they were a group of pro-math vigilantes, and instead of mutants they were a gangly crew including: a genius hampster, a math viking, a cheeseburger, a gender-neutral math dinosaur, a multiplicative knight, a lightning dragon, a four headed cow and a bunch more!

    With villains like Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater and The Comprehensive Caveman.

    Cover by Marc Pearson and Julia Gualtieri 
    Comics by kids Von and Gretchen Holt, Izzy Giorgi, Mei Tiemeyer, Aaron Demuth, Walker Mettling, Caitlin Cali and Paul Lyons

    32 risographed pages (Blue, Aqua, Green, Red, Yellow) 
    Full Color Dust Jacket 
    8” x 5”

  3. Yo! Getting ready for Linework NW! See you Saturday!

  4. The Comics Consortium kids over at Washington Park Library have been coming up with some super fun and weird creatures… We are making Showcase #15 over the next week and a half. Adult artists holler if you would like a quick assignment!

    (email: comicsconsortium@gmail.com)


    Weird Sewer Globe…=Victor

    Angelfire 3.0=Paul Lyons

    #Ms. Flutty=Jesus/Dylan

    Bad Dragon=Destiny

    Uncle Worm=Alex

    & more soon…!

  5. marcpearson:



    12 year-old Mei Teimeyer’s DOLF character sheet, followed by my 12 page comic based on it.
    this was printed last year in the providence comics consortium's Classic Characters 1, which is still available to buy HERE.

    sometime in the future, PCC are putting out a whole book of mei’s comics called Tarantulina, and i’m probably gonna do another dolf comic for that and maybe some coooool trading cards too. 

    sorry if this was really long on people’s dashboards. 
    i hate me too. 

    DOLF! New Dolf story coming for ‘Classic Characters #2: Tarantulina’ should be done for CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo)! Go Marc Pearson! Go Mei Tiemeyer! Go Providence Comics Consortium!


  6. 2014 RIPExpo Exhibitor Application is OPEN!



    The 2014 RIPExpo exhibitor application opens TODAY!

    A link to the application is HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dDqaC7pHYcA—DvUdAaaDuG45lQNJ8tF0JAvEFBJIME/viewform

    We ask everyone to fill out the application, even if you plan to share your table with others.

    The application closes March 31st and accepted applicants will be notified April 16th.

    *pew pew*


  7. robpecchia:

    Sneak peek at a comic for Walker’s Comics Showcase featuring lots of amazing Providence artists.

    This is for a character named Ka-Leal Ramirez was created by one of his students who also came up with this origin story:

    "He ate so much salad rice and beans to give him gas to fart laser.  He lives on the moon where he was born with the dead bodies of his mother and father.  He wants to save the world from the zombie aliens who killed his parent."


    Way-back Wednesday with Rob Pecchia!

  8. bbytown:

    i was at the “locally made” risd museum event that i helped with earlier today!

    take a peak at a pixelated receipt version of opera and d-bby and walk through the corpse pieces graveyard before they enter the re-animating room.

    some dudes i drew and printed at the bottom. fire family luv! 

    Dude! Mimi did some killer documentation of the PCC Crews Halloween Portion of the Risd Museum’s “One Room” show! Dailen is a great model as well!

  9. bbytown:

    a bunch of title pages i have drawn for comics consortium!

    Mimi Chrzanowski everyone!

  10. Dr. Entrails has a new Column over at AdviceComics.tumblr. Go check it out!